Sash Window Repairs

Sliding sash windows are a key part of your home’s character, adding to both the interior and exterior appearance of your property. As an original and functional part of your home, they are subject to wear and tear and naturally require maintenance and repair from time to time.


Most modest domestic sash windows were designed to be maintained by the homeowner and it is certainly something you could consider having a go at. Alternatively, you could call me to take a look for you. I’ll assess what needs to be done for your windows to be fully functioning and ready for years of further use.

What we look for when we survey your original sash windows:


  • The condition of the paint work.
    Cracked or flaking paintwork (A) will allow water to damage the timber construction of these windows. Conversely, excessive paint build up can stop your windows running smoothly. Problem locations, such as windows that experience full sun and cold high winds can require frequent painting using modern paints, but there are longer lasting traditional alternatives well suited to these difficult locations.


  • The condition of the timber.
    The outer timber, especially the sill and lower rail, can be exposed to some harsh weather and perish over time if not protected by a paint finish. If they feel spongy or powdery, or are pitted, they will need attention. These are areas that commonly require repair. The timber joints are also inspected as these can open up over time.


  • The condition of the glazing and putty.
    The putty beads (B) holding in the glass panes are inspected for cracks and missing sections. The glass is checked for cracked or broken panes.


  • The action of the windows will reveal any problems with broken sash cords (C), worn pulleys, insufficiently balanced weights, and the condition of the running channels. Running channels can be affected by poorly positioned staff and parting beads, and by a build up of paint.  All these parts can be serviced and replaced if necessary (D).


  • The locks for your sash window should function well and provide you with a good level of security. Ill fitting windows and damaged locks can prevent you from safe guarding your home. Ask me about the range of locks suitable for sash windows.

You might also consider draught proofing your sash windows whist carrying out renovations and repairs. Read more...