Draught Sealing

Draft sealing your original sash windows can be done in various ways, however to preserve the architectural appearance of your windows we choose the method described below. This keeps the draft seals out of view when the window is closed and the appearance of your splendid windows, therefore, unaltered.

In a usual installation:


  • The staff beads around the perimeter are replaced with new beading. The new staff beads have a pile carrier inserted in them. This pile carrier, a kind of groove, will hold the weather pile in place around the perimeter of the window.


  • The draft proofing weather pile is fitted to the staff beads. The depth of the Weatherpile is chosen to suit the size of gap between the sliding sash and the box frame.


  • The parting beads are replaced in the same way with new beads and a weather pile strip inserted into the carrier.


  • A rebated is routed into the meeting rail, where the two sliding sashes meet. This is to take one last pile carrier and weather strip, completing the seal around the window.


Because this procedure involves working on the window with the sliding sashes removed, we would always suggest you consider replacing the sash cords at the same time. Handyman House Garden prefers to use the distinctive red fleck waxed cotton sash cord, an extremely strong cord due to its double braided construction, coated with a waxed polish.