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Wall Mounting Flat Screen

Give your new flat screen TV what it deserves, a wall mounting service from Handyman House & Garden.
Homeowners increasingly choose to wall mount their flat screen televisions in each room. Handyman House & Garden offers a number of affordable options when mounting your flat screen.
Standard Installation
This involves mounting your bracket using suitable heavy duty fixings for your wall type, and running your power and aerial cables to your points, concealing the cables inside a D-shaped trunking. The D-shape trunking is the perfect choice for this kind of installation, and any other would give second rate results. The trunking is available in white, silver, magnolia, or it can be keyed and painted to match in with your walls.
Wire Free Installation
This involves adding or moving a power socket and aerial point to a location behind your new TV mount. The cables are run through conduit concealed in the wall behind the plaster. No cables are visible. The mounting bracket is attached using fixings suitable for your wall type.
Installation with Satellite/DVD Connection
Where there is a connection to other equipment such as a satellite box or DVD player, Handyman House & Garden can supply and install a purpose built glass shelf beneath the TV mount.