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Tea break, will that be cash or cheque?

posted 22 Jan 2011, 12:40 by Ben Davis   [ updated 3 Feb 2011, 01:44 ]


Running Handyman House & Garden, I am sometimes asked by customers if I will take cash and knock a bit off. It is true to say that there are some tradespeople who will indeed take a cash payment to conceal their true earnings from the tax man, saving the customer money along the way. In fact I read recently that there is a trend for tradespeople to demand a cash payment – take it or leave it. 

Of course, nobody really likes paying taxes, and for most of us income tax and national insurance contributions are somewhat painlessly deducted before the pay cheque hits the bank. Understandably, when we pay our tradespeople, we might not consider that this payment will include their national insurance and income tax deductions and, as difficult as it is, they will have to put these aside to settle up at the end of the financial year. For some businesses with a bigger turnover, there is of course VAT to collect too.


Personally, I love living in this country. My family are kept in good health without charge, our community is a safe and friendly place to be and when my son grows older there is a chance he will be able to attend a good, well resourced, local school. It’s no surprise then that I feel I should pay my way living here just like everyone does.


I also wonder, if a tradesperson chooses to avoid deductions to pocket a bit more cash, how else might they extend their margins? Perhaps by using inferior materials, or working in your home without proper insurance for you and your property, or working quickly without quality… It starts to sound quite risky doesn’t it!


That is why Handyman House & Garden customers can settle their bill in any way convenient to them, in the knowledge that we are a professional and trustworthy business with values just like yours.