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My Favourite Tea Break... at the moment

posted 25 Jan 2011, 13:29 by Ben Davis   [ updated 3 Feb 2011, 01:45 ]
Hi there reader, you’ve probably gathered that from time to time, a handyman needs a tea break and it is during these special intervals that he ponders all things handyman related and puts them down, in this blog.  Today – I share one of my favourite products with you… read on to find out more…


I’m often asked by my customers to wall mount their new TV or add a new socket but we have all become fussier about how things look, and rightly so – no one likes the sight of unsightly wires. Time and time again I have found myself introducing customers to one of my favourite products, a really neatly designed trunking that hides those wires out of sight and fits in beautifully with your décor. I mount it above the skirting on horizontal runs and it then looks just like traditional Taurus skirting board. It is clean lined and so looks great as it is, but it can be keyed and painted to match your skirting or walls. My customers use it for new sockets, TV mounts, speaker cables – in fact any kind of cable they want to hide. It makes that old square edge trunking that electricians use look second rate. Of course, if customers want to go the extra mile then I chase out the wall and bury the cables – but not everybody wants the expense so this surface mounted trunking is a brilliant alternative. Now that I’ve shared it with you – maybe you’ll find some use for it too. And if you’d rather someone else fitted it for you, just give me a call – that’s my job and I love it.
D-Line trunking and accessories is available in various sizes from B&Q and other DIY stores.